of hair experience, knowledge and  education in all aspects of the hair industry. Eda tapped into her passion for hair at the age of 10 when she was doing neighborhood kids' hair on her parents' porch. Eda was born in Albania, Eastern Europe and shortly after her 1999 arrival in Michigan she realized she was struggling to find a hair dresser that she liked, and even more importantly someone that would listen to her hair concerns. She was told many times how picky she was about her hair! 

Because hair was important to her, she graduated from Beauty Academy in Ann Arbor and decided to take beauty and hair dressing to a different level. She wanted to know the ins and outs of hair chemistry, hair growth, changes that hair goes through from person to person and anything else that is associated with hair. After being in the industry for over a decade Eda acquired much knowledge about hair.  During that period, Eda also realized the importance of being who you are, and tapping into one's inner passion.  She now uses all of these skills to serve customers the way she would want to be served.  This makes the whole difference in the beauty and hair industry.
Papillon Blanc Hair Lounge is an upscale hair salon that focuses on customer services to meet each and every guests expectations. 

Our staff works hard to give customers the best experience they can possible have. Papillon Blanc Hair Lounge  was founded on a simple idea: to serve others in a way that you want to be served. Because one size doesn't fit all, we simply want to find the right answers for each of our guests. 

Our Philosophy In today's society there a need in EVERY industry where professionals and consumers can work together with a compassion to bring  the best of each customer's challenges. We have created an environment where you can rely on us for professional advice about your hair, a place that you can trust, a place where you feel welcomed and cared for in every aspect, at every step.